Vacation Ideas in a Socially Distant World

Odds are vacations this summer will be a bit different for most families. Visiting packed beaches or crowded amusement parks just may not be in the cards. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan a fun experience, however. It does mean you may have to think out of the box just a bit. Here are some vacation ideas that families could consider.

Rent a Cabin in the Woods

If you are looking to avoid big crowds and potentially crowded hotels, renting a cabin in the woods or near a lake may be a superb option. There are private companies and owners who offer such cabins and in many states, State Parks offer cabins as an option. There’s nothing like the fresh air in the mountains and woods to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.

Explore Your Hometown

This may be an excellent opportunity for the ultimate stay-cation. Unless you live in a very small town, odds are your city has unexplored areas of interest you may have never explored. Stop into your local Visitor’s and Convention Bureau for ideas. There may be historical sites, museums or other areas of interest in your hometown you may have been taking for granted. A quick online search may also uncover some hidden gems.

Improve Your Home

You could consider taking any money planned for a family vacation to make a fun home improvement instead. Perhaps you could create that home movie theater you’ve wanted, add a game room or consider a pool. This will provide a entertainment experience that lasts far longer than a week or two.

Plan Outdoor Activities

You can “build” your own outdoor vacation depending on where you live and what’s nearby. Plan a different activity for each day. Go canoeing or rent a pontoon boat one day. Explore bike trails the next. Plan a hike in the woods and a picnic on another day. Challenge yourself to try some new activities.

You are likely to encounter some new social distancing guidelines this summer that could impact your vacation. Now is the time to consider alternatives so you can make the most of your well-deserved time off.

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