Could You Be Driving on a Suspended License and Not Know It?

You are making a routine daily drive when you see the flashing blue and red lights in your rearview mirror. Thoughts quickly pass through your mind. “Were you speeding?, ”Did you miss that red light?”, “Why is he stopping me?”

Turns out you weren’t speeding or didn’t run a red light. It’s worse than that. You could be driving with a suspended driver’s license. How is that possible without you knowing it? Unfortunately, it happens far too often.

Driving Without Automobile Insurance

You may in fact have auto insurance and have proof of it. It is possible, however, that your insurance information was not properly updated with the state. As far as that law enforcement officer knows, you are driving illegally. It is likely no matter how you protest or show him your insurance card, he may not allow you to drive further.

Unpaid Tolls or Tickets

It is also possible you have accumulated unpaid parking tickets, tolls, or got caught by a red light camera and didn’t get notified or they were sent to an old address. Here you are, on the side of the road either with a warrant or driving with a suspended license.

Unpaid Child Support

In many states, driving privileges can be suspended if the driver has back or unpaid child support payments that are due. If you owe child support, it is critical payments are kept timely and you maintain accurate records and proof of payments.

Expired License or License Plates

Life can get so busy it is common for people to forget about renewing their driver’s license or even their license plates. It may be possible to forget to even replace your corner sticker.

So, how can you keep from getting such an unpleasant surprise at what you may think is a routine traffic stop? Keep up with expiration dates on your licensing. Maintain valid car insurance coverage and check with the department of motor vehicles to verify your driving status. This can be particularly important if you have changed automobile insurance companies or addresses in the recent past.

If you have maintained your auto insurance coverage with the same company  for years, you could be paying more than necessary. It is important you compare rates to make sure you are getting the most for your money. Connect with one of our independent auto insurance experts for a no-obligation quote. We look forward to assisting you.

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